Security shutters are one of the most effective ways to protect your home from the sun, bad weather, noise, break-ins, and unwanted glances. They are also an original decoration for your home and make it look stylish.

Roller shutters can save you up to 30% on heating costs. They also reduce outside noise and increase the comfort of your living space. The special stability and reliability of aluminum shutters provide a high level of protection against unwanted guests and vandalism. You can control the amount of sunlight entering your home by adjusting the position of the shutters.

Control mechanism:

The external protective shutters (roller shutters) can be opened and closed manually (on a rope), with a spring mechanism or an electric drive. The shutters can also be equipped with a lock and/or an anti-burglary system.

The cost of protective shutters depends on the size of the fabric, the chosen control option, and the complexity of installation.

Protective shutters are easy to operate, have a low cost, and a long service life even with intensive use. The main elements of all roller shutter models are: a flexible fabric that winds onto a shaft located above the opening in a protective box.

Advantages of protective roller shutters:

  • Protection of glazing from external influences;
  • Additional sound and thermal insulation;
  • Restrictions on access to premises for both residential and industrial purposes.

The basic configuration of roller shutters:

  • Canvas made of protective roller profiles with soft or hard foam filler or extruded aluminum profiles;
  • Guides (the type of guides depends on the size of the slats);
  • Protective box (the type of box depends on the number of slats);
  • Drive of your choice: belt, cord, cardan, spring-inertial mechanism or electric drive.

Roll shutters have several advantages, including:

  • Space saving: Roll shutters take up less space than traditional doors because the shutter opens and closes along the wall, rather than outward.
  • Convenience: Roll shutters are easy to open and close, even if you have limited space for movement or limited physical access.
  • Reliability: Roll shutters have fewer parts than traditional doors, so they are less prone to wear and tear and repair.
  • Ease of installation: Roll shutters are usually easy to install and can be installed in new or existing spaces.
  • High airtightness: Roll shutters have fewer gaps and defects than traditional doors, so they are less prone to moisture and sound penetration. This is especially important in specialized spaces such as laboratories, kitchens, and medical centers.
  • Design: Roll shutters can be available in various styles and colors, making them easily integrated into any interior.
  • Security: Roll shutters can be equipped with locking mechanisms for additional protection of the space.