Alumīnija profila lapenes

Aluminum profile gazebos are particularly popular. They are made from lightweight and thin profile. The structure looks elegant, and inside it is very cozy.

Today, gazebos made of aluminum profile are often installed on cottage plots or on the territory of private houses. Incidentally, it is much more expensive than wood and steel. Why have these gazebos earned such popularity? The answer is clear and simple!

Construction of a gazebo from aluminum and glazing with profile – elegant and durable. It is also worth noting that it can be assembled within a day, especially if this is done by real professionals of a construction company.

Despite the fact that aluminum is lightweight, it is very strong, safe, does not rust, and is environmentally friendly. Therefore, gazebos made of aluminum profile do not require special care.

Advantages of aluminum gazebos:

  • High-quality decorative coating – profile surfaces are subjected to high-strength powder coating, which maintains the original appearance for a long time.
  • Fast assembly – the gazebo can be assembled in one day without the use of special equipment and expensive tools. However, it is recommended that a specialized company be responsible for the installation.
  • Aluminum resistance to corrosion, temperature changes, open fire, ultraviolet rays, mold and mildew. Thanks to the material’s resistance, your gazebo will look like new even after a long time.
  • Lightness, strength and durability of the material – with proper operation, the service life of the structure reaches 10 years without repair or replacement of individual parts.

The glazed space protects against snow, rain, dust, wind, noise, and preserves warmth! Sliding systems save space indoors.
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The glass terrace with a size of 12 meters is retractable: