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Wooden windows

are the optimal choice for those who value the nobility and naturalness of the material the most. We manufacture wooden windows from carefully selected raw materials – pine, redwood (sorrel) or multi-layer glued oak. The wood undergoes technological processing in accordance with strict European standards, which guarantees the production of the highest quality. A wide range of colors and freedom in design combined with modern production technology allows us to ensure compliance with the operating parameters and final appearance of the window to the requirements of our clients.

The structure of the wood from which the window is made is clearly visible on the wooden window. In addition, wooden windows fit perfectly into any exterior and interior design. Most often, wooden furniture and doors are installed in the room, which harmonize well with wooden windows. At the same time, wooden windows have high functionality and elegance.

Windows made of plastic have an unappealing appearance, low heat and sound insulation properties, and a short service life. Whereas wooden windows have a natural appearance, high heat and sound insulation properties, and a long service life.

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Manufacturers of wooden windows, using modern technologies and modernization methods, have been able to create high-quality products with good technical and external characteristics. The main advantage of wooden windows is the ecological cleanliness of the manufacturing material, which does not emit toxic substances. The porous structure of wood allows the windows to “breathe”, allowing air to pass through and acting as a natural filter.

Wood is a dense natural material.

Wooden profiles are stronger than PVC frames; they can withstand heavy glass panes of large sizes, withstand temperature fluctuations, and due to their dense structure, have excellent energy-saving properties. Lacquers and water-based paints reliably protect the wooden profile from fading and corrosion, preserving the ecological nature of the natural material.

Windows are made from various types of wood, such as oak, beech, pine, etc., and can be painted in various colors or left in their natural state. They are characterized by good thermal insulation, durability and aesthetic appeal.

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Wooden windows are one of the most popular types of windows used in modern construction. They have a number of advantages that make them an attractive choice for many homeowners.

One of the main advantages of wooden windows is their beauty. Wood is a natural and attractive material that can add a special charm and elegance to a home. Wooden windows can come in various sizes, shapes, and styles, making them easy to integrate into any home design.

Wooden windows are also known for their high energy efficiency. They are good at insulating heat and sound, which can significantly reduce heating and air conditioning costs. Wooden windows can also be equipped with special glazing that can provide additional protection from cold and noise.

Our windows are also known for their durability. With proper care and maintenance, they can serve for many years without losing their aesthetic and functional properties.

Wooden windows can add beauty and elegance to any interior and exterior of the house. They are suitable for both traditional and modern architecture. Our company offers a wide range of wooden windows for any taste and budget. We also provide professional fitting and installation services to ensure that your new windows are perfectly fitted and securely installed. Contact us today to learn more about our wooden window fitting services and to get a free quote.

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